Here we tell you what we told you and explain what we meant.

Here we tell you what we told you and explain what we meant.

As we launch, the New Mexico Jewish Journal site is open. You can read it. There will be four complete issues, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Don't be afraid to hit the subscribe button. There you will see a choice of free (signing up) or paid (subscribing) tiers. Want to mail a check instead of paying online? Go here for our mailing address information.

By choosing free, you are signing up. Signing up means you are now a member of the NMJJ community. You get the quarterly editions of the New Mexico Jewish Journal in your inbox. You get a nice welcome letter and the invitation to converse with the editor. And you are counted among our membership, which helps us sustain our morale, and our advertisers.

We do not share or sell our list, it's completely confidential. Later, we'll scheme about how to dangle "premium" content so you'll want to become a paid subscriber.

Subscribing means you have paid, and by choosing a subscription tier, this reflects your desire to show your support: bronze $36, silver $72, or gold $108, annually. You may also choose to pay monthly. You get a nicer welcome letter, with the invitation to converse with the editor, and the knowledge that you are supporting the existence of this independent paper, which cannot sustain itself without you.

Someone asked, what do you get if you pay more? A very warm feeling. Try it, you'll like it.

This is New Mexico's first independent Jewish paper – that means, we're free to be too left, too right, or just too middling. We even point you to alternatives here: Reliable varied sources of news, analysis and opinion about Israel and the US.

Did you see all the content? The home page with Articles, and the Sections? Here's some tips to help you navigate:

Here is the Table of Contents post, with brief introductions to each of the articles.

Here is the About page, which includes an address to pay by check if you wish, the list of our founding Editorial Committe with a group picture of us at our pre-launch zoom meeting showing us in our native environs, policies, and whatnot.

Here are the Life Cycle Announcements. Births, deaths, and everything between.

Here is the Mikvah- Refresh your Creativity section. A literary section, for art, poetry, and stories.

Here is Announce, Write, Draw, Submit for surprisingly DETAILED information on submitting letters, stories, art and more.

Here is Subscribe! Support! Advertise!

Here is the link to Abq Jew ®, Events and Classes calendar, weekly eblasts, Jewish Resources, and Blog. And here, read a feature story about us, which includes links to what really happened to the Jewish Federation of NM and the former 55-year-0ld NM Jewish Link.

More to come: Food and Recipes, Book Reviews, Jewish Genealogy, Jewish Travel, and more. Tell us what you want more of, write to .

Community Supporters of the New Mexico Jewish Journal

ALL Community Supporters of the inaugural issue of the New Mexico Jewish Journal are:
Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico
Congregation Albert
Temple Beth Shalom
Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque
The Institute for Tolerance Studies
Community Event! Sephardi Trio Federation of El Paso and Las Cruces