About New Mexico Jewish Journal

About New Mexico Jewish Journal
View from Sandia Peak photo © Diane Joy Schmidt/New Mexico Jewish Journal

The New Mexico Jewish Journal is an independent publication launched in 2024. If you sign up with your email, you can chose to sign up for free, and you'll be assured of getting our publication, free, and intermediary emails. Every reader counts! And if you subscribe today with a payment, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are a founding member! Your subscriptions and community support are only what makes your very own state-wide community paper, the New Mexico Jewish Journal, exist, survive, and flourish. Thank you! And as of June 20, 2024, New Mexico Foundation is our Fiscal Sponsor and we can accept donations.

Editorial Committee:

Our NMJJ Editorial Committee meeting on March 14, 2024, plotting the launch - and the next issue!

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You may also make a direct deposit at Nusenda Credit Union, 800-347-2838, to the New Mexico Jewish Journal bank account. For account details, email editor@nmjewishjournal.com.


We are excited to announce that as of July, 2024, the New Mexico Foundation is now officially the Fiscal Sponsor for the New Mexico Jewish Journal! Donations of any amount are welcomed.

Please include a note with your email address and mailing address. Donations automatically include a subscription to the Journal so be sure to let us know your email address if you are not already a subscriber. Donors will be acknowledged here on the website (unless you ask to remain anonymous).

Donations of $250 and more are acknowledged by letter for tax purposes.

Questions? Please email Diane at editor@nmjewishjournal.com

Diane Joy Schmidt  Publisher and Editor. Journalist, author and photographer
Sara Koplik, Ph.D.  Director, Hillel, University New Mexico
Rabbi Min Kantrowitz  Rabbi/Chaplain, Albuquerque, and writer
Michael Wald  Lawyer; Board, Jewish Community Foundation, Albuquerque
Norma Libman Journalist, author and educator; Board, NMJHS Society
Claudette Sutton  Editor and writer, Santa Fe
Marla Cohen  Director, Jewish Federation of El Paso and Las Cruces
Ron Duncan Hart, Ph.D.  Institute for Tolerance Studies, Santa Fe
Nan Rubin  Media consultant; past president, Temple Beth-El; Co-founder, community radio Radio KTAL 101.5 FM Las Cruces.

We got huge news 3/19/24: We have been awarded an Accelerator Grant by the New Mexico Local News Fund Program.

Contributed advice, suggestions, and corrections (of course!) to making the inaugural issue, alphabetically: Gloria Abella Ballen, Vicky Camerlingo, Carmen Espinosa, Maria Espinosa, Judith Fein, Sarah Fullmer, Charles Geoffrion, notably Mark Glaser, Shlomo and Michaela Karni, notably Rashad Mahmood, notably Frank Morgan, Jeff Paul, Natalie Reid, notably Erika Rimson, Paula Amar Schwartz, Rabbi Celia Surget, notably Lynn Trojahn, Marcia Torobin, Jorgie Winsberg, SCORE.
Cheering us on
: The Jewish communities of New Mexico and the region, and all our ancestors and relations.

Questions? Write to us at editor@nmjewishjournal.com.

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Community Supporters of the NM Jewish Journal include these advertisers:
Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico
Congregation Albert
Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque
The Institute for Tolerance Studies
Shabbat with Friends: Recapturing Together the Joy of Shabbat
Temple Beth Shalom

Event advertisers:
Academy of Jewish Learning at Congregation B'nai Israel
Jewish Federation of El Paso and Las Cruces